Regenbogen über Taiji - und ein guter Tag für die Delfine

01. Sep 2012

Taiji Delfinjagd


Heute ist ein guter Tag für die Delfine. Auf den Färöern liess sich eine Schule von 50-100 Grindwalen (nach Schätzung von Einheimischen) trotz stundenlanger Hetze auf dem Meer nicht in eine Todesbucht treiben und entkam schliesslich den Jägern. Und in Taiji haben sich heute 34 Leute von Save Japan Dolphins, darunter auch 8 Japaner/innen, zum friedlichen Gedenken gegen die Delfintreibjagd versammelt. Der Anlass war ein berührender, schöner Erfolg, trotz Störmanöver von japanischen Ultranationalisten.

Nachfolgend der Original-Bericht (auf Englisch) 

A Rainbow over Taiji

September 1, 2012 by Mark Palmer, Save Japan Dolphins

At 7 AM this morning, on Saturday September 1st, the clouds and rain were closed in over the town of Taiji.  I thought we might have to cancel our extensive plans for the beach at the Cove, or at least do so out in the rain.

But the clouds parted a half-hour later, revealing a beautiful rainbow over Taiji and clearing skies.  In fact, I wound up getting a sunburn at the Cove.

Our bus arrived with a large contingent – we were now 34 people including 8 Japanese nationals.  The police were there in force, including two rubber zodiacs sitting in the water just offshore.

This year also, we had a large contingent of shouting nationalists, throwing insults at us and telling us to go home.   Around and about were the Taiji dolphin hunters, but they mostly just hung out and watched.  Several individuals of the nationalists tried three or four times to come barreling down to the beach where we were, shouting, but the police ranged themselves between us and them.

We, of course, were not there to confront or yell back at the nationalist people – that is not our style and not the way Ric O’Barry and the Dolphin Project choose to work.

Our signs say, in Japanese: Dolphin Meat is Poisoned by Mercury.

We silently held signs stating: “Dolphin Meat is Poisoned with Mercury.”  And we conducted a series of events on the beach for the media, as well as conducting several interviews with reporters and cameramen. 

I mentioned above that we had eight Japanese nationals with us this year, opposing the dolphin hunting in Taiji.  Several of them spoke to the media on our behalf.  It was great to have their perspective out to the Japanese people.

Den ganzen, lehr lesenswerten, illustrierten Bericht lesen

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